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greening your lodging - misc

Money Saving Tips - Misc
Reprinted with permission from

  • Buy organic. Consider purchasing linens manufactured from organic cotton.

  • Buy locally made products to reduce the amount of energy consumption needed to transport the items.

  • Use biodegradable and hypoallergenic soaps.

  • Form a green team or committee.

  • Place plaques or literature throughout the hotel to educate guests about the company’s green commitment.

  • Market your hotel to organizations that seek out green-friendly meeting spaces.

  • Get listed on websites that list green hotels.

  • Obtain an Energy Star rating for your hotel. Check for the Energy Star logo when purchasing any appliance or office equipment.

  • Think green at the design stage of a hotel’s planning. Involve owners, architects, engineers, landscapers, control system specialists and builders. Build a green hotel that adheres to guidelines specified in the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

  • Compile a report of your hotel’s green accomplishments and make it available to stakeholders, guests and others.

  • Explore ISO 14001 certification.

  • In resort areas where ecotourism is a draw, offer environment education programs to guests.

  • Avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

  • Compost organic landscape trimmings and other materials and return them to the land.

  • Create water gardens to support existing wildlife.

  • Purchase recycled plastic curb stops for parking lots. Benches, picnic tables and other items also are made from recycled plastic.

  • Use a dry-cleaning service that uses no toxic chemicals.

  • Keep hotel vehicles tuned up and tires properly inflated to save on fuel costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. A new air filter can provide 10 percent more mileage per gallon.

  • When purchasing ice machines, consider energy and water efficiency.

  • Buy office equipment that features a “sleep” feature when not in use.

  • Properly store all toxic materials.

  • Avoid the use of aerosols.

  • Use an automatic chemical dispensing system in the pool. These add chemicals only when needed.

  • Purchase hybrid vehicles when possible. Keep tires properly inflated. Use the right motor oil for your vehicle. Change the air filter regularly. Offer incentives to guests who drive hybrid vehicles.

  • Educate your hotel guests on the value of energy efficiency.

  • Identify and take advantage of rebate programs available from your local/state utilities and/or government agencies. Also be sure to take advantage of available tax incentives.

  • Sponsor a school field trip and get kids thinking green. Work with the teachers to show how the hotel is helping to save energy, reduce water usage and pollution, and improve the environment.

  • Participate in national or state level green lodging certification programs.

  • Donate a portion of your profits to an environmental organization.

  • Join or form a marketing group of area green hotels in order to market your region as a green meeting destination.

  • Offset your property's energy consumption by purchasing renewable energy credits.

  • Implement an EcoRoom or Allergy Friendly Room type of program and incorporate it in your marketing strategy.

  • Offer carbon offset programs to your guests, and especially to organizations that plan large meetings at your hotel.

  • Select carpet that is recyclable. Use environmentally friendly adhesives.

Reprinted with permission from

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