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green profile questionnaire

question markReady to join the Hub?

All 'Yes' answers will be displayed in your Green Profile, located on your listing's Detail Page.

As your establishment becomes increasingly green, you can login to update your Green Profile to reflect additional green practices. 

Green Profile:

Energy Efficiency

  • Do you use energy-efficient lighting?
  • Do you use energy-efficient heating and/or cooling systems?
  • Do you use energy-efficient laundry appliances?
  • Do you produce any of your electricity using solar panels, wind or water?
  • Do you have energy efficient windows?

Water Efficiency

  • Do you have a linen and towel re-use program?
  • Do you use water-efficient laundry appliances?
  • Do you use low-flow showerheads?
  • Do you use faucet aerators?
  • Do you use low-flow toilets?

Reusing and Recycling

  • Does your facility recycle?
  • Do you give guests the opportunity to recycle?
  • Do you use post consumer toilet paper?
  • Do you use post consumer paper for your paper communications?
  • Do you promote paperless communication?  (i.e. website, e-mail contacts, telephone)


  • Do you use fragrance-free cleaning products in some or all of your rooms?
  • Do you use fragrance-free laundry products in some or all of your rooms?
  • Do you refrain from using artificially scented air freshener and carpet freshener in some or all of your rooms?
  • Do you refrain from using scented candles and potpourri in some or all of your rooms?
  • If you provide handsoap in the rooms, is it unscented, or do you provide an unscented alternative?

Air quality

  • Do you use all-natural cleaning products in some or all of your rooms?
  • Do you use biodegradable cleaning and laundry products?
  • Are some or all of your rooms smoke-free?
  • Are some or all of your rooms pet-free?
  • Is your facility in a generally clean air area?


  • Do you offer organic food choices?
  • Do you offer local food choices
  • Do you offer vegetarian food choices? 
  • Do you have a food donation program?
  • Do you compost?
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