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how it works

How does Green Vacation Hub Work?

The Hub is the global guide to greener travel, offering a comprehensive listing of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals that are making an effort to be more green.

Lodging providers conduct a self-evaluation covering six key environmental areas —  and travelers conduct detailed searches to find accommodations that fit their specific needs.  The Hub, then, links green travelers with green lodging.

Start here

To begin, a visitor clicks a location on the map. All Hub members in that location are displayed.  Many visitors will seek a listing based on location alone. Others may want to narrow their search to specific green criteria.

Green criteria is divided into six categories (click here to see the questionnaire). To qualify for a category, Hub members must answer yes to three of the five questions. For example, when a visitor narrows their search by choosing recycling AND water efficiency, Lodging members that answered yes on three of the five questions under those two categories will be displayed.

How green?

Visitors determine how much green they need. If all six areas are important, a searcher will check every category.  Hub members that answered yes to three out of five questions in each category will be displayed. The more green the accommodation, the better the search result exposure.

It takes effort to be green, and Green Vacation Hub recognizes those efforts by applauding the greenest, and encouraging those accommodations that are on their way to greener practices.

Give me the green!

After narrowing the search to a specific accommodation, visitors can click on the View Details link to access a full page of lodging details with descriptions, photos, amenities, prices, map, and green profile that catalogs the member's green practices.

All of the questions that you answer yes to, regardless of whether you qualify for the category, will show up on your property detail page, so that site visitors can see all of your green practices.

Click here to see the green profile questionnaire.

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