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Palo Verde Biological Station 

Palo Verde Biological Station     #1325 Email Owner
Palo Verde is one of the most important sanctuaries in Central America for migrating and resident species of waterfowl.

Palo Verde Biological Station in Bagaces, Guanacaste, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Member of Green Vacation Hub

Bagaces, Guanacaste, Guanacaste Costa Rica

$58 - $65 US Dollars per Day

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Detailed Information:

Palo Verde is one of the most important sanctuaries in Central America for migrating and resident species of waterfowl. Visitors would discover the natural beauty of the tropical dry forest and the magnificent wetlands, a rich mosaic that encompasses 15 different habitats. The seasonal Palo Verde Wetland is considered one of the most important marshes in Central America. Large numbers of aquatic birds can be seen: Grebes, Cormorants, Anhingas, Herons, Jabiru Storks, Ibises, Spoonbills , Falcons, Caracaras, Jacanas and many more. The mammal fauna is equally rich and visible, particularly during the dry season when peccaries, armadillos, jaguarundis, coatis, agoutis, deers, and monkeys are attracted to the water holes. Home of the endangered species Mexican burrowing toad, which lives underground and only comes out for mating in early wet season. 
More than sixty species of bats have been reported, including the great false vampire. Isla de Pajaros in the Tempisque river, is the most important nesting colony for wading birds in northwest Costa Rica . Eleven resident bird species and some 3000 individuals altogether nest there late in the wet season. The Tempisque river is the home of the one of the largest concentration of crocodiles in Costa Rica. 

  • Type of accommodation:Research station
  • Conference room
  • Internet connection
  • Laundry facilities
  • Private bathroom Restaurant
  • gift shop
  • Tours:Bird watching
  • Eco/nature/wildlife
  • Educational
  • research
  • volunteering
  • Visits to conservation projects Walking/hiking

Pets allowed? No

We are a 100% smoke free establishment.

Palo Verde Biological Station
Palo Verde Biological Station


palo verde lagoon
palo verde lagoon


white face monkeys
white face monkeys

Green Profile:

  • Linen and towel reuse program
  • We recycle
  • We provide guests the opportunity to recycle
  • We promote paperless communication
  • Unscented hand soap in rooms or available
  • Biodegradable cleaning and laundry products
  • We have smoke-free rooms
  • We have pet-free rooms
  • We are in a clean air area
  • We offer organic food choices
  • We offer local food choices
  • We offer vegetarian food choices

Contact Information:

Palo Verde Biological Station

Location:  Bagaces, Guanacaste,  Guanacaste Costa Rica  
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For reservations, call 506-5240628

Fax: 506-5240629

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